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About NCWI

        NCWI (National Competition in Web Technology and Information Security) is an endeavour to take students outside their classroom walls and introduce them to the real world in the easiest way possible, the Internet. Our initiative was started after extensively surveying syllabus of various education boards in India. We came to one conclusion that the education being provided is not in line with the current I.T scenario. The main objective of this initiative is to secure the society from cyber-crime and train students to counter external cyber threats. Kids get an early exposure to the outside world in an ethical manner. The course orientation is aimed at making students precautious towards the online criminal and derogatory activities on social networking sites. Students get to learn in a joyful approach, thus keeping the learning part interesting. It also provides a platform for the introduction to the booming IT industry which will help them in choosing their career.

Our Motto

 "Bringing awareness to the younger generations about the current security threats in the cyberspace and the ways to protect themselves from these threats."