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The overall session is interesting and the faculty is very student friendly. Was very exited to participate in the practical part as we have never done it before.

The introduction is simply perfect and good concept of the subject has been given in the workshop.

The workshop was nice and informative. We enjoyed making the Bi-PED and watching it walk. The practical session was good, and thankful to the tutor, who explained and cleared all our doubts.

The delivery of speech was really good, right from the basics. Really interesting project, good and reliable information we got through this workshop.

The theory session was very interesting & motivating. Basic concept are nice and thought working. Practical sessions are nice and they thought us step-by-step, very neatly and very understandable.

 Very nice theory sessions. Interactive manner of teaching and developed a lot of interests. Very nice practical sessions. Helped us in making a good robot.

A good knowledge about the robotics. The practical session is very good. We have got a better experience in the preparation of robot. Felt very happy that we created a robo which is moving. It is excellent.  

-      SHARATH, KIET, ECE, 2nd year

 The workshop was awesome. I'm really facinated and inspired with robotic arm we made. Got much newer things to learn.

 The seminar was very good. The kit provided was even better. Overall the workshop was superb. It was our 1st robotics workshop and we really enjoyed our time. Thanks for being so patient and explaining things so illustratively.

Go   Good concept, very helpful. It helped us explore and understand the practical implementation of our knowledge. Overall the inovation, techniques and implications helped us expand the horizons of our thought process and knowledge. Kindly keep conducting such wonderful workshops in future.

 We all are very glad that we had such a workshop that we had never attended in our lifetime.We all loved it a lot thanks for this opportunity.

 The introduction and the way tyhe programming was taught was exceptional as none of us found it hard to understand. It was a very simple and straightforward approach. the whole experience was one of a kind and very helpful. Hope this initiative will be taken again.

   Robotic Haptics was a very nice experience. We were taught from the basics which really helped us & also expanded horizon of our interests on robotics.