IoT Internship


About The Course:

It's a computing device which are worked by with the help of unique identifiers (UIDs) and it has the ability to collect the date and transfer the data without help of computer or human interaction. 


These days IoT has a vast application in medical field. IoT device can be used to remote health monitoring and in emergency case to. IoT can be used in case of transportation too. Vehicular communication system, building and home automation are operated by IoT. Monitoring and controlling operations of sustainable infrastructure like bridges, railway track can be done.


  1. Introduction to IoT
  2. History of embedded system.
  3. What is uP and uC and its history
    1. Exposure to different architectures (RISC vs. CISC)
    2. Application of Embedded systems in today’s world.
    3. Embedded Systems in Industry
  4. Warm-up session
    1. Measurement and overview of basic components.
      1. Breadboard
      2. Resistor
      3. Potentiometer.
      4. Transistor
      5. Diodes.
      6. Led.
      7. DC Motor
      8. Relay
      9. Switches
  5. Fundamentals of AVR
    1. Introduction to AVR family.
    2. Learning AVR used in the board.
    3. Getting used to the platform.
    4. Using WINAVR for programming.
    5. Understanding AVR instruction set.
    6. Assembly vs. C
  6. programming AVR
    1. Configuring ports and controlling their status
    2. Interfacing:
      1. Led, Seven segments.
      2. Switch
      3. IR, PIR sensor
  7. UART Protocol
    1. Serial and Parallel Communication
    2. CP2102 Bridge communication
    3. Bluetooth Connection.
  8. ADC protocol
    1. Interface lm35. LDR sensor
  9. Installation of NodeMCU in Arduino Platform
  10. Warmup session with NodeMCU.
  11. What is IoT
  12. Why IoT & its application in various field.
  13. Networks.
    1. Types of networks.
    2. Converged N/W.
    3. ISP
    4. IP addressing.
    5. IP address management.
    6.  Protocols uses for data transmit and receive in internet.
    7. Design network using Packet tracer (Optional)(2days needed) 
  14. Element of IoT/IoE
    1. Things.
    2. Data.
    3. People.
    4. Process.
  15. Things
    1. Things like sensor, devices, controllers etc.
    2. Do some Project using Things.
      1. ADC protocols.
      2. Interfacing IR sensor
      3. Interface temperature sensor(lm35)
      4. Interface LDR(Light depended Resistor)
      5. Interfacing PIR motion sensor.
      6. Interfacing /Bluetooth Module.
      7. Interface RFID.
  16. Data
    1. Mobility
    2. Cloud computing
    3. Big Data.
    4. IPv6.
  17. People.
  18. Processes
    1. M2M connection.
    2. M2P connection.
    3. P2P connection.
  19. Create own Access Point (Hotspot) and connection to a Station using NodeMCU
  20. Modeling of LAN, MAN & WAN using ESP8266.
  21. Client Server communication.
  22. Web Server using NodeMCU
  23. Developing own Android app and Controlling Things using NodeMCU
  24. Data Logging to cloud.
    1. Blynk.
    2. ThingsSpeak.
    3. Cayenne.
    4. Adafruit.
    5. Google Firebase.
  25. Communicating Things with AI (Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana etc.)
  26. Live Projects.

Course Fee:  Rs.8500/-
Course Duration:  30 days