Advance Embedded System


About The Course:

Embedded System Nothing but to Bring all System (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Computer, Electronic System) to a one Platform and do a specific work. for Example, Robot is nothing is a well-designed machine which can perform any complex task in the industry in less time with large accuracy. It can work more precisely with the same consistent than a human. 


Robots can be used in any programs or application to carryout tasks or manufacturing. It can work recklessly to obtain optimum outputs in a small period of time. We can access every difficult task or order in a very less of time. It can give more marginal profit to the industry as it will lessen the manpower.


  • Introduction
    • Definition of embedded system.
    • History of embedded system.
  • Measurement and overview of basic Electrical and Electronics components.
  • Circuit designing on bread board.
  • Design power supply circuit.
  • Fundamentals of Embedded system
    • Introduction to Embedded systems
    • Exposure to different architectures (RISC vs. CISC)
    • Application of Embedded systems in today’s world.
    • Embedded Systems in Industry
  • Fundamentals of AVR
    • Introduction to AVR family.
    • Getting used to the platform.
    • Using WINAVR for programming.
    • Understanding AVR instruction set.
    • Assembly vs. C
  • C programming AVR
    • Configuring ports and controlling their status
    • Interfacing:
      • Led, Seven segment.
      • Push button
      • IR sensor etc.
  • UART Protocol
    • Serial and Parallel Communication
    • CP2102 Bridge communication
    • Bluetooth Connection.
  • ADC protocol
    • Interface lm35. LDR sensor
  • Making of Own header file for AVR controller. (UART, ADC etc.)
  • Making of own development board.
  • Get start with Arduino.
  • Install Arduino IDE
  • Interface Display Module:
    •  LCD, O-led, Nokia Display etc.
  • Interfacing Sensors Module:
    • Ultrasonic Sensor, RFID etc.
  • Live Projects.

Course Fee:  Rs.8500/-
Course Duration:  30 days