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  1. Wired robot.
  2. Line follower robot.
  3. Robot control using TV remote.
  4. Robotic Arm manipulator.
  5. Robot control using RF module.
  6. Robot control using PC interface.
  7. Light Sensing Robot.
  8. Clap sensing Robot.
  9. Autonomous Robot.
  10. Super intelligent robot using smoke sensors and light dependent resistor.
  11. Robot direction controlling using RF communication.
  12. Data transferring between two robots using Radio frequency Communication.
  13. Channel RF based remote control.
  14. Robot control using different colours of light.
  15. DTMF based robot.
  16. Obstacle detector robot.
  17. Robotic Hand controlled by Human Hand (HAPTICS).
  18. Robot with camera interface which can be used as a SPY-BOT.
  19. Bluetooth controlled robot.
  20. Robot interfaced with GSM module to control from anywhere.
  21. PC controlled robot.
  22. Serial Communication from PC/Robot to Robot using RS-232.
  23. Object finding robot using IP.
  24. Automated guided vehicle using GSM module.
  25. GSM based advanced security systems.
  26. Real-Time Industrial process control & monitoring Using GSM Phone.
  27. GSM Controlled Door Latch Opener with Security Dial up with Changeable Telephone Number (8051 Based).
  28. Home Automation Using GSM.
  29. Electronic code locking using GSM.
  30. Speed Control of motor through SMS (GSM).
  31. Closed loop motor Speed controller using cell phone.
  32. 8051 based code Lock with Security Telephone Dialler.
  33. GSM based Building Automation.
  34. Implementation of Mobile Based HI-Tech door Locking System.
  35. Mobile or landline Telephone based industrial protection.
  36. Voice operated home appliances control.
  37. Interfacing Microcontroller to GSM modem and application implementation SMS based M2M communication
  38. PC to PC communication through mobile (MOBITEXT).
  39. Remote Control using Telephone.
  40. Digital Telephony Application (DTMF based projects).
  41. Voice recognition security system.
  42. Any other ideas from your side are always welcome…..