Data Structure Course in Bhubaneswar,Odisha

Unlock the power of data with Robogenesis’ comprehensive Data Structure Course in Bhubaneswar,Odisha. Dive deep into the fundamentals of organizing and managing data efficiently. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, our course caters to all skill levels. Learn from industry experts who provide hands-on training, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of data structures. Join us to gain a solid foundation in this crucial aspect of computer science and propel your career forward in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Data Structure

Course Overview

Robogenesis presents an enriching Data Structure Course in Bhubaneswar,Odisha designed to equip learners with the fundamental concepts and practical skills necessary to navigate the intricate world of data management and manipulation. This comprehensive program delves into the core principles of data structures, offering a structured approach towards understanding their significance in software development and problem-solving.Participants will embark on a journey through various data structures such as arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs. Through a blend of theoretical learning and hands-on exercises, students will grasp the underlying mechanisms governing these structures, including operations, traversal algorithms, and implementation techniques. Emphasis is placed on fostering a deep comprehension of how different data structures suit different scenarios, enabling students to make informed design choices in real-world applications.Moreover, the course integrates practical projects and assignments to reinforce theoretical knowledge and cultivate proficiency in applying data structures to solve complex problems efficiently. Led by seasoned instructors with industry experience, learners receive personalized guidance and mentorship, ensuring a conducive learning environment conducive to growth and skill acquisition.By the culmination of the program, students will possess a solid foundation in data structures, empowering them to tackle software development challenges with confidence and proficiency. Robogenesis’ Data Structure Course in Bhubaneswar paves the way for aspiring programmers and software engineers to excel in their careers and make impactful contributions to the tech industry.

Advance Embedded System

Course Fees

Rs.149,990. 00

(Including 18% GST)


Data Structure

Data Structure 

Duration: 45Hrs.-50Hrs 

Introduction of DS 


Arrays Representations 

Array ADT 



parse Matrix and Polynomial Representation 

Linked List 




Binary Search Trees 

AVL Trees 

Search Trees 


Sorting Techniques 

Hashing Technique 


Asymptotic Notation 

Competitive Programming  

Interview Questions 

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