Node-RED setup in IBM cloud

  1. Login to ibm cloud :
  2. Go to catalog Search for NodeRed app
  3. Then click on Create
  4. Then Click on “Create app”
  1. Then Deploy ur app “IBM Cloud Foundry”
  1. Some imp Stuffs:
    1. Then Allocate Space of “256” (otherwise its notworking in my case , its unable DEPLOY the pipeline)
    2. Then chose region (Some of region is not available for some users)
    3. Gives host name it’s going to be your URL later.
    4. Then click on Create.

Click ok after (1) on the above screenshot.

  1. Then u’ll find Delivery Pipeline :
    1. 2 stage should be passed i.e. BUILD n DEPLOY.
    2. U can find logs by clicking View logs and history.
    3. when u get both stage passed. Then go to next step.
  1. Go to Navigation Button search for “Resource list”
  1. Then go to Cloud Foundry apps (1)
    1. Get green button on started status;
    2. Click on Started u got the status click on Routes then it will open Node Red Dashboard. 😊
  1. Setup Node Red:
    1. Click on next
    2. Then give the user name and password and check mark allow anyone if u want to share.
  1. Click on next
  2. You can change these settings at any time by setting the following environment variables via the IBM Cloud console:
    • NODE_RED_USERNAME – the username
    • NODE_RED_PASSWORD – the password
    • NODE_RED_GUEST_ACCESS – if set to `true`, allows anyone read-only access to the editor
  3. Then click on “Finish”.
  1. Then click on Go to your Node-RED flow editor

                                                                                                     Finally!!! 😊

12. Then You get Node-red dashboard then go for login as shown on img. 

Then give your user name and password as you given at the time of node-red setup -> Click on Login. 

Have a Nice Day!!!! 🙂 

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