Robotics Course in Bhubaneswar

Robogenesis introduces an immersive Robotics Course in Bhubaneswar, empowering enthusiasts with cutting-edge skills in automation and artificial intelligence. Dive into a comprehensive curriculum designed by industry experts, covering topics from basic mechanics to advanced programming. Hands-on experience with state-of-the-art robotics kits amplifies learning, ensuring practical proficiency. Whether you’re a student exploring futuristic career paths or a professional aiming to enhance your skill set, our course offers the perfect platform. Join us at Robogenesis and embark on a transformative journey into the realm of robotics, shaping the future, one innovation at a time.

Robotics Course

Course Overview

Are you fascinated by the world of robotics and eager to delve into its intricacies? Look no further than Robogenesis, the premier robotics course offered in Bhubaneswar. Designed to cater to beginners and enthusiasts alike, Robogenesis provides a comprehensive overview of robotics, blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications.The course begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of robotics, covering topics such as robot components, kinematics, and sensors. Participants will gain insights into various robotic systems and their real-world applications, laying a strong foundation for further exploration. As the course progresses, students delve deeper into advanced concepts including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous navigation, empowering them to tackle complex challenges in the field of robotics.One of the distinguishing features of Robogenesis is its hands-on approach. Participants have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art robotic kits and simulation software, allowing them to design, build, and program their robots. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, students engage in practical exercises and projects, honing their skills and unleashing their creativity.Whether you’re a student aspiring to pursue a career in robotics or a hobbyist looking to expand your knowledge, Robogenesis offers an enriching learning experience tailored to your needs. Join us in exploring the exciting world of robotics and embark on a journey of innovation and discovery with Robogenesis in Bhubaneswar.

Robotics Course

Course Fees

Rs.149,990. 00

(Including 18% GST)


Robotics Course


Duration: 60Hrs. 


Basic C Programming 

Basic Electronics 

Manual Bot 

Introduction to Arduino 

Digital I/O Interface 

Making of Autonomous bot. 

ADC Interface. 

Making of Autonomous bot using ADC Protocol. 

UART Protocol. 

Making of Bot Using USART Protocol. 

Interface Display module 

DC Motor Interface 

Servo Motor Interface 

Robotics Hand Making 

Hands On: 

Manual Robot 

Arduino Programming. 

Line Follower Robot 

Edge detecting Robot 

Light follower Robot 

Gesture Control Robot 

Bluetooth control Robot 

Haptics Hand

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Course Review

Our Certificates

The future of tomorrow. In a scenario like today, technology is at its paramount importance and innovation with ample of new ideas blending in to create a new and better future. With the people working along with us. At Robogenesis, we take immense pride in awarding certificates that symbolize not just completion but a mastery of cutting-edge skills. Our certificates stand as a testament to your dedication and proficiency in areas such as Drone Technology, Embedded Systems, Programming (C, C++, Core Java, Python), and more. These credentials are recognized in the industry, serving as a gateway to lucrative opportunities. Backed by a curriculum crafted by industry experts, our certificates showcase a commitment to excellence and practical knowledge. Join Robogenesis, earn a certificate that speaks volumes, and open doors to a future brimming with possibilities in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Your success story starts with us.

Our Certificate
Our Certificate
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